Hey guys, I’m Smit Vaghela (Blogger & Investor)

Let me share my background first

I completed my studies from Nirma University, Ahmedabad in 2010. After that, I started my first job in a private company.

I was an engineer professionally at the time, but from the heart, I wanted to be something else. As time went on my interest was moving towards the stock market.

Over the last 10 years, I have studied a lot about the stock market and investing.

My Role models in the investment journey are Warren Buffett, Ramdev Agarwal, and Saurabh Mukherjee.

Now why did I start Blog ?

In India, many big companies like HDFC Bank, Reliance, Infosys and many more have formed in the last 41 years of existence of the stock market and has created a lot of wealth for its shareholders.

But how much money did small investors make in the stock market?

The answer is zero. They really lost money

But why?

Because of they did not participate in the stock market due to a lack of knowledge in the stock market and misunderstanding about the stock market.

Actually, most of the wealth was created by foreign investors only. FII is also the largest shareholder of HDFC Ltd., our best housing finance company today.

So the main purpose of this blog is to educate our small investors about the stock market and make them rich.

So keep reading and encourage me to share the best knowledge about investing.

Note: I personlly invest my money in the stock market

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