Top 10 Most Popular Bike Brands in India

Do you want to buy a new bike? And for that, if you want to know the “Best Bike Brands Present in India, which most people like, you are at the right place.

In this post,you will find Top 10 Bike Brands in India

Top 10 Bike Brands in India

Hero Splendor

Splendor best bike brands in india

The Hero Splendor is a motorcycle manufactured in India by Hero MotoCorp Ltd. It is one of the most popular bike brands in India due to its mileage and price.

Hero MotoCorp is one of the largest and best bike manufacturers in India and also the ‘World No.1’ two-wheeler company in terms of unit volume sales in a calendar year.

The company has a 51.9% FY20 Indian motorcycle market share.

The splendor continues to be the Number 1 Motorcycle brand with almost 3 mn units sold.

Splendor iSmart was the first two-wheeler in India to get BSVI certification from International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT).


  • Splendor iSmart
  • Splendor+
  • Super Splendor

Hero Passion

Hero Passion bike brands in india

The Hero Passion is also manufactured in India by Hero MotoCorp Ltd.

The motorcycle brand is one of the best selling ones not in India but across the globe.

Hero Passion was first introduced in the two-wheeler segments in 2001 and has been winning heart since its inception.

Its graphics and colors were first refreshed in 2003 and it was recreated by Passion Plus. Its graphics were updated again in 2008 with black alloy wheels and an all-black engine.

The company have launched Hero passion Pro in Feb 2020.

Hero HF Deluxe

Hero HF Deluxe bike brands in india

HF Deluxe is the most popular bike brand in the Entry-level segments of the Industry.

The brand crosses the 2 mn milestone in the year 2019-20 in terms of a unit of sales.


  • Deluxe 100cc
  • Deluxe 125cc

Deluxe 100cc market share in the entry segment stands at 74.8% and Deluxe 125cc market share is 49.8%.

The company has launched HF Deluxe BSVI motorcycle that offers to deliver 9% higher fuel efficiency, with better performance (+6% faster acceleration), consistent start-ability (even in cold conditions) and longer engine life.

Royal Enfiled Classic

Royal Enfiled Classic

Eicher Motors Limited (EML) is the owner of the iconic Royal Enfield brand.

Royal Enfield is the World’s oldest motorcycle brand in continuous production.

It made its first motorcycle in 1901.

The company focussed on mid-sized motorcycles (250 cc – 750 cc).

The company has 96% Market share in India’s mid-size (250 cc-750 cc) motorcycles segment

Royal Enfield now features among the Top 5 Bike brands, in terms of volumes, in the middleweight segment in Thailand, Australia-New Zealand, and South Korea. In Europe, we are now at No.6 among brands in the middleweight motorcycling segment.

Royal Enfield Classic, introduced in 2009, is a tribute to the retro look of British motorcycles in the post-World War II era. It retains the quintessential classic British styling of the 1950s; simple, harmonious, proportioned, and finished.

Royal Enfield launched Classic 350 S, a modified version of the original Classic.

Royal Enfield Bullet

Royal Enfield Bullet

Royal Enfield’s iconic and legendary Bullet has a reputation as the toughest and oldest motorcycle model.


  • Bullet 350
  • Bullet 350 ES

The Bullet 350 was launched in Bullet Silver, Bullet Sapphire Blue and the Bullet Onyx Black colourways and the Bullet 350 ES in Jet Black, Regal Red, Royal Blue.

Bajaj Pulsar

Bajaj Pulsar

The Bajaj Pulsar is an iconic Indian motorcycle. Since its inception in 2001, the Pulsar created a new segment called ‘Sports Biking’ in Indian motorcycling and redefined motorcycle riding for the Indian youth.

The 180cc Bajaj Pulsar with its 15bhp was the fastest motorcycle in India at that time.

Over the next 18 years, the Pulsar has grown to include eight models today. Presently, the cutting-edge Bajaj Pulsar specifications are 100-200cc engines, front and rear disc brakes, nitrox-mono-shock suspension, tubeless tyres among others.

Today, the Pulsar is a perfect combination of style and performance and one of the most popular and top-selling bike brand in India.

Bajaj CT 100

Bajaj CT 100

Bajaj CT 100 is a 100 cc motorcycle built by Bajaj Auto. The CT 100 replaced the Bajaj Boxer.

The company introduced CT 110 in FY2020.

The CT 110 transforms the CT portfolio with a much tougher look and feel. It also introduces the DTS-i technology to the CT platform. Large diameter crash guards, tank pads, and all-terrain semi-knobby tyres give it a tough look. The 110 cc engine powers the bike strongly in sync with the promised
character of toughness. The CT 110 uplifts the CT brand.

Bajaj Platina

Bajaj Platina

The Platina was launched in April 2006 at an ex-showroom price of Rs 35,000 and crossed sales of 500,000 units within eight months of its launch

The Platina Brand had become very popular in the market with its Comfort technology, which delivered the greatest comfort to its customers compared to all other motorcycles in the commuting segment.

To further enhance this comfort, the Platina H gear version was launched.

The Platina H is India’s most fuel-efficient bike. It comes with a new high comfort quilted seat and provides the option of a front disc brake with a combined braking system.

Honda Shine

Honda Shine

The Honda Shine is a 125cc motorcycle manufactured by Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India.

It was first introduced in the year 2006.

It is a 5-gear motorcycle. It is one of the best-selling motorcycles in India in 125cc segment.

The Honda CB Shine is sold in six colours – black, grey, two types of red, brown, and blue. The limited edition, on the other hand, is offered in two colour options — black with metallic red and black with metallic silver.

TVS Apache

TVS Apache

The TVS Apache is a best selling bike brand of TVS Motors since 2005.

Millions of motorcycles under the Apache range have been sold since its inception in 2005. Motorcycles have entered the hearts of not only Indians, but riders all over the world. And since its birth, the racing dynasty of the Apache range has always been rampant

Currently the company sells five variants of the TVS Apache. 

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